simple celery and tomato soup


Celery has a great amount of nutrition and anti-inflammatory properties (check this webpage). One good way to consume it raw is in green juice that I regularly make, but there we lose out on the fiber content. And soups are always welcome on cold, winter nights!

Here is a simple, yet delicious soup with only celery and tomato paste. Ever tried to make a  sattvik soup (devoid of onion and garlic)? This would be a good one to try!

I have tried a chunky version of this, where the celery bits are not ground. In this recipe I chose to grind them to make it suitable for kids and they liked it.

I used homemade tomato paste, since I have stopped buying the canned ones. Believe me, it is easy and well worth the effort!


organic celery hearts- 2

Roma tomatoes- 5

pepper- to taste

salt – to taste

Tapioca starch/cornstarch- 1 tsp.

Dried parsley, basil- to sprinkle


* Cut tomatoes in half, cook in a little water till tender. Use a strainer to remove peel and seeds.


* Chop celery and cook in a small amount of water and salt in a stock pot till soft. Add tomato paste to it.


* Use a blender to grind the cooked celery and transfer back to the stock pot.

* Add pepper and spices, simmer for a few minutes. Thicken with tapioca/corn starch if necessary.

Enjoy with croutons or crackers.


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