Three bean salad with coriander-ginger dressing

This is by far the best combination I have had in a salad- beans with a green dressing containing ginger. The beans add protein and substance to the salad and ginger counteracts any of the gas produced by the beans. My awesome sister-in-law gave me the idea for this dressing.

I used kidney beans and sprouted black-eyed peas and northern beans this time, but any beans can be added. Look here for sprouting tips.


cooked beans- 3 cups

chopped Romaine lettuce- from one bunch

chopped green onion- 4 (discard top portion of leaves and root)

grated carrot- 1/2 cup

cilantro- 1 bunch (discard thick stems)

peeled ginger- 1 inch piece

large lime- 1

extra-virgin olive oil- 1 tbsp.

salt- to taste


* Soak the beans separately overnight and allow 24-40 hours for sprouting. I have not had luck sprouting kidney beans,  but the others yield sprouts that can be stored in the fridge till the salad needs to be made.

* Cook all the beans together in a pressure cooker/pan till soft. Add salt to the cooked beans and mix well.

* Add ginger, coriander, juice from the lime and olive oil to a blender and process till smooth.

* Add the chopped green onions in the dressing and allow to sit till the other ingredients are ready.

* Toss all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl.


5 responses to “Three bean salad with coriander-ginger dressing

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  2. Hello there! I have been looking at some of your recipes this morning. This looks so good! My son and I are not big meat eaters so nice to find vege recipes. Thanks for sharing! Great blog here!


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