flax seed powder in curries

We all hear about omega-3’s and one of the best sources is flax seed. It’s also a good fiber source.

Here’s more information from a packet of Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Meal:

Harmful LDL drops and beneficial HDL stays put or even improves. Flaxseed has high levels of antioxidants called lignans. Lignans bind to circulating substances that might promote unchecked cell growth. Many plant foods have lignans but flaxseed has at least 75 times more than any other.

Flax seed taken in the seed form just passes through the body. Flax seed powder is good for the body- Rip Esselstyn in his documentary Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue Diet.

How do I use it? I like to add a little bit in daily curries, sundals. Adds a very mild nutty taste, tones down the spice a wee bit. The only precaution to be taken: add it after the dish has cooled completely, or the flaxseed will bind to make it look gooey. Also, reheating the dish after the addition will do the same thing.  It is routinely used in baking as an egg substitute.

Can we keep cancer at bay by this practice? I don’t know, but we can try!


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