Green juice with carrot tops, ginger and dulse flakes


It has been so long since I posted a recipe for green juice! Whenever I introduce a new ingredient in my regular juice, I post about it. This time it is delicious carrot tops! Do check this earlier post to find out why I juice and my choice of juicer.

I had planted carrot seeds in my garden and now it is yielding small carrots with lovely shoots. I have heard that the tops are edible. After a quick google search, I found this very useful post from As a first trial, I juiced the leaves that have a nice carroty smell. I also have started adding dulse flakes to green juice for a natural iodide source.

I’m posting this in the Virtual Vegan Linky potluck 10 this week. Click on the link for wonderful vegan ideas!

Ingredients: (makes 20 oz.)

Romaine lettuce- 5-6 leaves

celery heart- 1

carrot tops with carrot- 1

parsley- a few leaves

cucumber- 1, peeled

ginger root- 1 inch, peeled

large lime- 1

dulse flakes- to sprinkle


* Wash all the leaves, veggies well and put through a juicer. Squeeze lime and add dulse.

* Consume right away.




20 responses to “Green juice with carrot tops, ginger and dulse flakes

  1. I would never have thought to use the carrot greens in juicing…such a great idea! I love the beautiful color of the final product…it looks healthy yet delicious too!


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