Dulse sea weed flakes- a natural source of iodide


Have you heard of dulse? It is a sea vegetable just like kelp and nori- rich in iodine. I found these flakes in a health store. It looks like chili flakes but is tasteless, and odorless. A great way to include iodine and other trace minerals in the diet, for vegetarians like me who do not consume any fish. Remember to use it in moderation.



I sprinkle it on: salads, green juice.

I know that it is widely recommended to include iodized salt in our diet, but that is the inorganic form of iodide (potassium iodide). My doctor (homeopathic) advises that people with auto-immune hypothyroidism avoid iodized table salt as it only adds to toxins affecting the thyroid gland. Instead, use real sea salt, un-iodized. Several web sources also support this claim. Regular health practitioners, however, may disagree with this.

My opinion is that sea weed provides the organic form of iodide, in its most natural form, in addition to other trace minerals, which the body knows how to absorb. It would be good to consume for its health benefits.

I have also bought nori sheets to try out some vegetarian sushi. Do you have other ideas include sea vegetables in the diet? Do let me know in the comments!


7 responses to “Dulse sea weed flakes- a natural source of iodide

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    • You’re welcome, Chitra. I suppose in general sea vegetables can be swapped for salt, as they may have salty taste. But this particular dulse has low sodium content, so it has no taste at all!


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